Training & Methodology

Vision Statement:
All dogs are trained through positive reinforcement methodologies.  These methods will develop a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Behavior Training for Dogs uses positive reinforcement as the teaching methodology. This method, scientifically backed by numerous studies and research, emphasizes developing the desired behavior through the use of positive reinforcement. The training methodology is designed to take advantage of 'natural' training opportunities, utilizing frequent, random 15 to 30 second training sessions that can occur throughout the day in order to accomplish training goals. The program is designed to be relaxed so it is comfortable, fun, and effective for both the companion dog and the owner. 

The different dog training services that we offer include Family Companion Dog Training, AKC Conformation Training (for both dogs and handlers), Behavior Training, as well as more specialized topics such as Confirmation Dog Showing, Service Dog Training, Dogs With a Bite History and Help With House Training. For more information on these services, the topics they will cover, and their respective costs, please head to the Time & Cost page.

What will my dog learn during training?

  • To "Stay Off!"

  • Sit When Greeting People

  • Good Social Manners & Behavior

  • How to Walk on a Leash

  • Door Greeting Manners

  • Assistance regarding house Training 

  • Come When Called

  • Heel While Walking

  • Lay Down or Sit on Command

  • Stay on Command

  • To Not Bite

  • Not To Jump Up

Some videos of our training in action!